Thank you for being part of the World Cup!

We are very happy that all semi-finals and finals of today could be accomplished without any interruption, despite the bad weather in the morning.
Incredible, how fast a weekend passes by and now we already know the winners of this years UCI Trials World Cup in Salzburg.

Congratulations to all riders of this weekend and thank you for your being part of it.
Moreover we want to thank all the visitors, but also all the volunteers.

Die Sieger*innen der Finale:
1. Baron Vera (ESP)
2 Reichenbach Nina (GER)
3. Basseville Manon (FRA)
4. Pecinkova Alzbeta (CZE)
5. Hidalgo Alba (ESP)
6. Kamark Nadine (SWE)

Herren 26’’
1. Carthy Jack
2. Vallee Nicolas
3. Hermance Vincent
4. Widmann Oliver
5. Cardona Noah
6. Llongueras Sergi

Herren 20’’
1. Montalvo Alejandro
2. Conejos Borja
3. Oswald Dominik
4. Pechhacker Thomas
5. Areitio Ion
6. Saenz de O. Julen